Balancing Our Algorithm and Human Connection to Deliver Financial Planning

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Sum180 has always been a pioneer in using algorithms to make top quality financial advice accessible and affordable to all, and I’ve written several times about the tremendous potential AI has for transforming financial services and engaging customers in their own financial health. So, it is very exciting for me to see, this year, that several banks and financial institutions are getting serious about imbuing apps with artificial intelligence in order to deliver better service to customers. It’s a great direction for innovation in our industry!

But helping people change their finances and their lives has always been a balancing act of delivering great advice and the human touch to break down the barriers and address the fundamentally emotional nature of our relationship to our money. As AI transforms the financial services landscape by expanding our ability to provide great personalized advice, and do it more consistently while also adhering to best practices, it’s worth remembering that nothing changes the importance of a human adviser who can create a relationship, connection, and trust to empower behavioral change.

The human connection part of Sum180 is led by our long-time partner, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Enrolled Agent (EA) Cordi Powell.

For now – and I believe for the foreseeable future – artificially intelligent systems are a powerful complement to human financial advice, not its replacement. No matter how accurately an automated system assesses your personal data and circumstances, there are always intangibles to consider in deciding what to do next, and how. Entirely automated financial planning services, however sophisticated, are not able to make an emotional connection with clients, explore your choices with you, or address the deeper questions and issues that go beyond mere data. Combining the benefits of automated advice with human advice, however, delivers the best of both worlds.

As many Sum180 members know firsthand, Cordi’s professional expertise is matched by the warmth and empathy she brings to every customer relationship. With Cordi leading our team of financial advisers, I know that Sum180 customers who wish to dig deeper, beyond the advice generated by our automated system, will always receive the support they need and deserve.

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